Maintenance Facility Design Principles

There is no room for assumptions when designing a maintenance facility. A clear assessment and understanding of your current operation, while envisioning your future needs, is critical to the success of your new Operations Center.  Facilities designed around safety, efficiency and organization help build a great work and team environment.

With over 40 years in golf course and grounds maintenance experience, J. Mark Black has been involved with the design and operation of four Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance Facilities. While “The Zonal Concept” was knowledge gained in college, it is his years of experience applying its principles that have proven invaluable to his clients. These principles include:

maintenance facility parts room

By utilization of the “Zonal Concept” we can help you create a maintenance facility tailored to your current and future operation.

J. Mark Black can help you identify the zones within a maintenance operation and help you decide which work best within your operation.

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