Residential Landscape Consulting

At J. Mark Black Consulting, we work with the belief that your home is your Eden.  To view upon the things that bring us pleasure — flowers, trees and turfgrass blended together properly to your own eye — makes us feel good, relaxed and reduces stress.  Some prefer the manicured look of closely sheered hedges while others like their plant materials to grow to their natural habit.  While fruit trees are beautiful and it’s pleasing to eat things grown in your own yard, location of these trees is critical to their success.

Here are some of the residential landscape services I provide:

  • Review all existing landscaping materials for general growth, health and vigor
  • Review current landscape design for plant selection, curb appeal, esthetics and harmony
  • Inspect turfgrass for general health, insects, disease, etc.
  • Inspect turfgrass for height of cut, mowing quality and thatch development
  • Inspect trees for health, safety and pruning recommendations
  • Work with lawn care service to ensure immediate and long range maintenance programs
  • Establish fertilizer programs based on residential BMP’s (Best Management Practices)
  • Assist in selection of winter and summer annuals/flowers best suited to your property
  • Direct flower bed preparation, potting soils and fertilizers to ensure success
  • Work closely with homeowner and their lawn care service to provide desired results

For a complete overview of the packages available for Mark’s services, please click here to request more information.

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